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Shared Ownership - You Are Here

Right to Acquire

Shared Ownership Schemes

Shared Ownership is an example of Low Cost Home Ownership (LCHO). Since 1979, successive governments have sought to encourage sustainable home ownership by actively promoting a programme of LCHO. LCHO is intended to achieve a number of the following objectives:

Shared Ownership is a scheme whereby a supplier, usually a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) builds a new housing unit and a purchaser part owns and part rents it from the supplier.

A shared owner (in England and Wales) is a leaseholder of the RSL. The RSL retains the freehold of the property. Usually, the leaseholder will have a 125 year lease as set out in the Housing Corporation's sample lease.  

Models of Shared Ownership

There are two main models of shared ownership - Conventional Shared Ownership (CSO) and Do-it-yourself Shared Ownership (DIYSO). Manningham Housing provides Conventional Shared Ownership (CSO), or Shared Ownership (SO), for short.

Who is Eligible?

Priority is given to existing social housing tenants and waiting list applicants, although others who are in housing need and nominated by local authorities may also be housed.

How is Shared Ownership Operated?

Where are Manningham's Current Shared Ownership Schemes?

Development Available Properties Number of Bedrooms Completion Date Status
Worth Park - Keighley 2 properties 2 Bedrooms March 2011 Waiting List OPEN
Worth Park - Keighley 4 properties 3 Bedrooms March 2011 Waiting List OPEN



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