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About Manningham Housing Association

The Role of the Bangladeshi Youth Organisation

Manningham Housing Association (MHA) came into existence in 1986 following a piece of research undertaken into the housing needs of Black and Asian communities in Bradford. The research was sponsored by the Bangladeshi Youth Organisation based in Bradford.

Serving Bradford's Minority Ethnic Communities

We are a specialist Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) association operating across the metropolitan district of Bradford. Bradford has a growing BME population and MHA, as a specialist association working in this area, has sustained a good demand for our properties.

Firebird Homes

Firebird Homes currently undertakes our development activities.

Provision of Homes for Affordable Renting and Affordable Owning

Altogether, we aim to provide affordable homes of good quality for those in greatest housing need in the Bradford district, having particular regard to for identified and unsatisfied needs in the black communities. In recent times, we have begun to consider owning and renting homes in the Craven District as well as in Calderdale.

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